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Heidi 2018 - Building at Orthotic Center in Denkhanal, Orissa


Children with disabilities often need braces and orthotics for better mobility. Also Children in India need  access to the best technology in this area.

In collaboration with the Indian NGO "Swiss Heidi Foundation" we will  build a center in the district of Denkhanal to promote the treatment of children with musculoskeletal conditions such as clubfoot and cerebral palsy.

The property is there. Now we are in the planning and fund raising phase.

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Orissa cerebral palsy

In this project our aim is to improve access and treatment for children with Cerebral Palsy.

SVNIRTAR is our strong partner in Orissa.

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Promoting awareness about Clubfoot treatment ​​

"Cure  India International Trust (CIIT) and SVNIRTAR are our strong  Partners for creating more awareness among the Indian population that clubfoot can be treated.  Sasank Mohanty together with CURE  organized a clubfoot camp. On a single day  18 children with untreated clubfoot where  identified and referred to local clinics in Cuttack and Olatpur (SVNIRTAR).


Project Sustainable Clubfoot Treatment


Club foot can be treated. Our  arm is to improve Clubfoot  therapy through the connection of existing resources in India and improvement of access to therapy.

Through the collaboration with our local  Partners  Cure  India International Trust (CIIT) and SVNIRTAR in Orissa every year 2000 children with clubfoot  can be successfully treated


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