Treatment center Heidi - Denkhanal


Children with disabilities often need splints to improve mobility. Children in India also need access to the best technology in this area.


Orthotic workshop Denkhanal

After buying land in the district of Denkhanal, we are in the planning phase and looking for sponsors



Clubfoot project



A clubfoot is not an insurmountable fate. Our goal is to improve club foot therapy by networking existing facilities.


Through this work, in collaboration with CIIT (Cure India International Trust) in Orissa, 2000 children with club feet are successfully treated annually



Children with cerebral palsy in India


Running for a lifetime ...

Improving care for children with cerebral palsy.


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Clubfoot Camps


In January 2018, a first clubfoot camp took place with Cure India International Trust (CIIT) in the Denkhanal district. Clubfoot therapy was started in one day in 18 untreated children.


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