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Child Health Care Heidi - CHCH

... is a politically and denominationally independent, non-profit organisiation based in Switzerland. The organisation was founded in 2015. CHCH supports health projects for children, adolescents and young adults in India, focusing on the treatment of diseases for which there is insufficient local supply, as well as on-site training of specialists and know-how transfer.

Targeted projects are intended to promote improvements in the areas of nutrition and health for children and adolescents, as well as helping people to help themselves.


CHCH works together with the Indian authorities and the Swiss Heidi Foundation in Orissa, India, as well as with partners in Switzerland , for example the University Children's Hospital in Basel.

Another important partner in India is the Cure India International Trust (CIIT) and the Organisation Children in India. The work of CIIT is dedicated to the treatment of Children with Clubfeet.

Children in India is an NGO that supports Children with Disabilities in India.




CHCH is a non-profit organization based in Münchenstein, Canton BL, Switzerland. The association is led by a five-member board and meets twice a year for a general meeting.


President: Dr. med. Conrad E. Müller, MBA, Bauchkids practice, Münchenstein

Vice President: Prof. Dr. med. Reinald Brunner, Deputy Head of Pediatric Orthopedics UKBB, Basel

Treasurer: Marion Hilpoltsteiner, Research Group Coordinator, Basel

Secretary: Dr. med. Beatrice Müller, FMH Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine


Dr. med. Bernhard Speth, specialist in pediatric orthopedics UKBB, Basel

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