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With your donation you support our children's outpatient clinic in Denkhanal and work for children with club feet. In this way, we primarily cover the operating and personnel costs of the outpatient clinic and ensure that the children are treated cost-effectively. 


Donations are possible via classic bank deposit. If your donation is earmarked for a project, please note this in the intended purpose (e.g. "Project Klumpfuss") 

You can easily use the QR code below in your banking software such as 

Scan an online payment slip.

Download payment slip with QR code

Bank details: 

Child Health Care Heidi

Basellandschafliche Kantonalbank

IBAN: CH 11 0076 9403 4437 6200 1

Your donation is tax deductible. You will receive a written donation receipt for every donation.

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