Healthy children in India

The Pediatric Outpatient Clinic
Heidi is opened


On August 24, 2021, the Pediatric Outpatient Center (POC) in Godarabili Village was opened in a opeinge ceremony. Numerous local politicians were present at the opening.


A doctor takes care of the children in the POC together with a nurse. Within the first 3 weeks 58 children were treated. Furthermore, several telemedical consultations have already taken place.

Aims of the Pediatrc Outpatient Clinic Heidi:


  • Early diagnosis & curative services on ambulatory basis for common childhood diseases

  • Provide Basic medical treatment

  • Screening for admission to hospital

  • Assistance with transportation

  • Follow up care & care after discharge

  • Rendering of preventive healthcare services through provision of immunisation, screening, counselling 

  • Counselling: Promotion of overall growth and development of children by health education, health & nutrition counselling

  • Provision of orthopedic aids (Wheelchairs, Crutches, Braces)

  • Provision of physiotherapy

  • Diagnostics: Laboratory, X-Ray, Pharmacy?

  • Telemedicine


Clubfoot clinic in India is a success and is being expanded


In the blog of November 12, 2018, the UKBB (University Children's Hospital of both Basel) reports on the current status of CHCH's projects.

Link to the blog